Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Planet Seed is Malta's alternative rock band fronted by Klinsmann Coleiro who has participated in the national Eurovision selection several times as well as the selections for Junior Eurovision, like the third placed She gives me wings. But that was nearly 10 years ago..... 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


One team.Three artists. Unlimited possibilities. That's AYTO. And no.1 in the charts with this To the whistle. Perfect summer music!


Joe Roscoe is a twentysomething Maltese artist who has been releasing songs since 2013 when he was awarded as the best new act at Bay Music Awards and released his debut album last year.  He is currently living in Manchester. Maybe soon enough he will ready for The Big Move

Monday, August 29, 2016


Rikki Lee is hot in the charts this summer with a Modern Talking cover Cheri cheri lady, but this Smile from two summers ago is full of sunshine - perfect for holidays!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


The Travellers is band from Malta with a great sound (check out also Semplicità and Dak li int) that would be like fresh air to Eurovision should they ever consider it (one can dream, no?). No better band name or music to kick of this Holiday in Malta series! And this is one of the most played songs on Maltese radios this summer, too :-) And I just may have more The Travellers news after I return..... Stay tuned!
The Travellers, a young and energetic band, mostly known from their debut single ‘Sempliċità'  released their debut EP, including 5 original Maltese tracks, in April 2016. The band got together in 2013, with one aim in mind, that of trying to create something different in the already wide diversified local music scene.  Read more after the jump.....

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Odessa beach
Today the announcement of the host city got cancelled and postponed again. The fourth time I suppose, but who's counting? Anyways, until the fat lady aka EBU sings there's no official date or whatever but after today's failure to provide the news has angered the mayor of Dnipro first, and Kiev next. Odessa stays silent so far...
Anyways, the time is running out. That has been said loud and clear by both mayors in the past 24 hours to prepare and make it work as they want it. Later today we also found out that Dnipro shouldn't worry about that as apparently they are out of the race that is now between Kiev and Odessa alone. NTU director Alasania has stated it takes another week to value the bids of Odessa and Kiev and then we will have the final decision. 
This makes me think my initial idea from long ago that EBU wants it in Odessa, and now they are trying to make it work despite the missing roof and the tent city solution. Kiev came up with a better venue in later in the run, but the overall plan with that suitable venue in a wrong place in the city doesn't convince anyone so.... Jon Ola Sand (or someone) is feeling very much like Tim Gunn: "Make it work!"

As the decision is dragging on this blogger will just leave it and go on holidays. Automatic posts will give you company all through my holidays with some great music from somewhere I'm going to.... Have a great time whatever you do - I know I will! and see you live and on spot again sometime in September!


The 59th Castrocaro festival for the new voices and talents will be aired on Raiuno this Friday and Saturday. Once again it's a mix of total newcomers and some more seasoned artists trying their big breakthrough. Below you can have a taste of their voices with official videos, live performances or whatever they have on offer in Youtube. Enjoy!

Tomas Ray Tai (27)
Luce (Maria Luce Gamboni, 21)

Do you recognize the stars at their first steps to stardom?
Past winners include Gigliola Cinquetti (1963), Giusy Romeo aka Giuni Russo (1967), Carla Bissi aka Alice (1971), Michele Zarrillo (1979), Luca Barbarossa (1980), Zucchero Fornaciari (1981), Fiordaliso (1981), Donatella Milani (1982), Lena Biolcati (1984), Rosario Di Bella (1987), and more recently Davide Papasidero (2013). Winning Castrocaro pretty much opens the door to Sanremo and many artists have later triumphed or made a success there as well and launched their careers big time. Sometimes you get noticed without winning, like Iva Zanicchi (1962), Caterina Caselli (1963), Fiorella Mannoia (1968), Eros Ramazzotti (1981), Paolo Vallesi (1989) and Laura Pausini (1991) just to name a few.....
In the 2000's Castrocaro may have lost a bit of its charm and importance when various reality and talent shows have taken over television and music industry in general producing products, sorry I mean artists, whose best before date in most cases hits the moment the successor is selected,  but it's still here, and still having an importance. And sometimes artists move from talent to Castrocaro underlining the importance. Like Christian Riccetti and Luce who have already done Ti lascio una canzone, and Luce also did already The Voice. Rose Chiodo on the other hand has already won the prestigious Premio Mia Martini award....

Last year's winner Dalise went on to win also Festival della canzone Italiana in New York, and works a lot in Switzerland besides Italy these days. She also released a book of poems and a CD earlier this year.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Jari Sillanpää, one of the most popular Finnish artists of all time, Tango King 1995 and Eurovision 2004 entrant has revealed literally it all in a new biography that hit the stores earlier this month. He describes in detail his first time with a man, his newfound love to dress up in drag as his alter ego Rosa and all sort of things from his father's violence to alcoholism. And if you are into such things, maybe you have seen him on some videochat as Rosa having fun with his boyfriend?!
Not all fans have been pleased to know too intimate details about his past life but he wanted to bare it all. Read more after the jump.
Jari, who celebrated his 50th birthday in small scale and intimate at the Helsinki Olympic stadium last summer with full house, will be on TV-screen this fall-winter season as one of the Talent judges. 
Meanwhile his success has no end. His Sinä ansaitset kultaa has been in the Radioplay Top-100 already 93 consecutive weeks, at no.65 this week, after topping the charts during Christmas 2014! The song's an autobiographical story about his previous relationship and translates to "you deserve gold". He's left and after realizing the ex deserves so much better lets him go and wishes him all the good and begging him to never again let anyone treat him like he did. Very true and touching lyric there that surely is one of the reasons the song remains so popular week after week.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture in Ukraine, Yulia Datsenko, confirmed to Interfax-Ukraine that EBU has approved all the three bids in the running; Kiev, Dnipro and Odessa. She also noted the representatives of EBU were pleased with the high level of the organisations preparing for the contest in each city. So, now we just have to wait NTU's decision alone - due next Wednesday according plans -  as EBU is happy with any of them, as long as the contest does take place in Ukraine as planned. Read more about the Ukraine-Russia situation here.
In an interview with Podrobnosti director general of NTU Zurab Alasania spoke about the 15 million fee that has been spoken about in the media and the budget. "The budget of the upcoming contest is not yet calculated. The figure of 15 million Euro did not come from the budget. This is the financial guarantee. The European Broadcasting Union admits that in our country can happen something (and we know this can happen), that may change our plans for the contest. In this case, the European Broadcasting Union will have to move the contest to another country, and for that it needs money. They felt that in such a case, it could cost them 15 million euros."

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Maybe it's a miracle or a legenda, even a crisalide still in love with you but 
oh oh, uh, oh oh don't play that song again!

What's another year? Too long for the organizers of Eurostarz in Concert event in London's The Star of Kings, in King's Cross in London on August 25, 2016 as they are bringing some Eurovision stars together for some fun and entertaining evening. Nikki French will be hosting and performing with Valentina Monetta, Alex Larke of Electro Velvet, Karl William Lund and Martin Fitch aka Marcin Mrozinsky as guest star. 
It's a bit of a London affair as both Valentina and Martin these days have made London their home. Various ticket sets are available with VIP package including meet and greet with the stars, photos taken and some CDs as a bonus. More information here


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