Thursday, February 22, 2018


After the surprising first semifinal tonight Armenia has its second one of Depi Evratesil, and it will be interesting to see what happens. Kicking Tamar Kaprelian out thanks to her weak vocals and poor staging proves a name and fan wankness means nothing to Armenians. Again a lot of goodies with decent songs. With the exception of the joke that is Puerto Rico. I have a feeling it will be a total disaster on stage vocally and everyway possible. Then we have a again something totally un-Armenian like AlternatiV, Mariam and Amaliya. And quite a few songs that sound good on studio version but have a risk of being disasters live (or real goodies) depending on vocals and singer's presence on stage. And of course there's one nonsense foreign 13 in a dozen product: You and I. Why this wasn't in the UK selection instead? 
My clear favorite in this semi and in Armenia's selection in general is Sevak Khanagyan. Period. 

             Maria's Secret - Escape
 Arman Mesropyan - What You Hide
              Kamil Show - Puerto Rico
           Suren Poghosyan - The Voice
            AlternatiV - Stare at Me
       Amaliya Margaryan - Waiting for the Sun
            TyoM - Follow the Ocean
                Sevak Khanagyan - Qami
                Mariam Petrosyan - Fade
Asmik Shiroyan - You and I

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The favorite came and conquered both televoters and jury. Sanja Ilic (66) is no stranger to Eurovision having participated in the Yogoslavian national finals already in the 1970's and his song Hallo, hallo represented Yogoslavia back in 1982. 
But Balkanika is something else. He started Balkanika in 2000 with young talented local musicians playing traditional instruments and the group has been evolving and developing ever since. The group today has 10 members including two female vocalists with etno sound and one male vocalist with rock sound. They have also toured the world already.....
Oh, after Greece this! Eurovision is getting back to what it should be <3 p="">
Sanja Ilić & Balkanika "Nova deca"     12 12 24
Saška Janks "Pesma za tebe"    10 10 20
Dušan Svilar "Pod krošnjom bagrema" 8 7 15
Lord "Samo nek se okreće" 6 6 12
Biber & DJ Niko Bravo "Svatovi"  7 5 12
Ivan Kurtić "Ni sunca ni meseca" 2 8 10
Boris Režak "Vila" 5 4 9
Danijel Pavlović "Ruža sudbine" 4 2 6
Rambo Amadeus & Beti Đorđević "Nema te" 1 3 4
Maja Nikolić "Zemlja čuda" 3 0 3
Koktel Balkan "Zato" 0 1 1
evdahBABY "Hajde da igramo sada" 0 0 0
Srđan & Emil "Bar da znam" 0 0 0
Lana & Aldo "Jača od svih" 0 0 0
Igor Lazarević "Beži od mene" 0 0 0
BASS "Umoran" 0 0 0
Osmi Vazduh & Friends "Probudi se" 0 0 0
                                                                         ( televote   juryvote   total)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The German songs are out, and Germany joins the countries that are offering something else but Swedish oriented pop. Rather acoustic offerings, and certainly a bit different. And then there's voXXclub. I think I go for Ivy....Maybe. 

voXXclub - I mog di so
Xavier Darcy - Jonah
Michael Schulte - You let me walk alone
Ryk - You and I
Ivy Quainoo - House on fire
Natia Todua - My own way


Tonight is Serbia's turn to choose for Eurovision song contest 2018. They have restarted the national final Beovizija format that last time took place in 2009.  These 17 songs have been chosen among the 75 submissions.
My favorites are in random order Biber & DJ Niko Bravo, Danijel, Dusan, Igor, Ivan, Lord and Sanja, but we can't forget Maja, eeven if her song, written by Vladimir Graic, is a bit disappointing but Maja is Maja. 

SevdahBABY - Hajde da igramo sada
Rambo Amadeus & Beti Đorđević - Nema te
Maja Nikolić - Zemlja čuda
Srđan & Emil - Bar da znam
Ivan Kurtić - Ni sunca ni meseca
Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Nova deca
Koktel Balkan - Zato
Boris Režak - Vila
Lana & Aldo - Jača od svih
Dušan Svilar - Pod krošnjom bagrema
Igor Lazarević - Beži od mene
Saška Janks - Pesma za tebe
Lord - Samo nek se okreće
Danijel Pavlović - Ruža sudbine
BASS - Umoran
Osmi vazduh i drugari - Probudi se
Biber & DJ Niko Bravo - Jutros (Svatovi)

Monday, February 19, 2018


Portugal's first Festival da Canção seemifinal went by, and today we got news about the mistake in the voting changing the final line up (read more here) but it's time to look ahead to next weekend and here are the snippets of the second semifinal songs. The overal feeling is this one has a bit more modern sounds that the first one, still being purely Portuguese. Even super favorite Diogo Piçarra goes for the slow Portuguese ballad, at least judging the snippets instead of something more uptempo and modern. Besides him I'm curiously waiting for Lili, Paris and Onis in this semi...
The two non Portuguese language songs are also both in this one and feel totally out of place and useless as they aren't any good. 

Maria Inês Paris – Bandeira Azul
Dora Fidalgo – Arco-Iris
Cláudia Pascoal – O Jardim
David Pessoa – Amor Veloz
Susana Travassos – Mensageira
Rita Ruivo – Anda Daí
Paulo Flores, Minnie & Rhayra – Patati Patata
Sequin – All Over Again
Peter Serrado – Sunset
Tamin – Capicua
Daniela Onís – P’ra La do Rio
Diogo Piçarra – Canção do Fim


Romania is having a long national selection this year: five semifinals before the Selecția Națională final. Top-3 from every semi will qualified for the final thanks to a jury vote. There will be only televote in the final, too. MIHAI made it to final again. My faves at this point are Eduard Santha and Vyros followed by Alexia & Matei and Jukebox feat Bella Santiago, but none of the songs this year stands out, nor make me go La la la...... The final is next Sunday. 

Here are the finalists:

Alexia & Matei - Walking on Water 
Echoes - Mirror 
Eduard Santha - Me som romales 
MIHAI - Heaven 
Rafael & Friends - We Are One 
Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago - Auzi cum bate 
VYROS - La la la 
Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin - All the Love Away 
Xandra - Try 
Claudia Andas - The One 
Dora Găitanovici - Fără tine
The Humans - Goodbye
Teodora Dinu - Fly

Check out all the semifinal results below:


Armenia starts its Depi Evratesil selection process tonight with the first semifinal. The second one follows on Thursday and the final is set on Sunday. Five acts from each semi will reach the final. When writing this it is not know if there will be a jury or televoting or a mix of both.... Short rehearsal videos are already on Youtube.
Some pretty decent stuff here and it's interesting to see who will eventually reach the final. Lusine has a good song, that on the other hand has nothing that would make it Armenian. Neither Nemra's. Zhanna's song could have been any national final anywhere - not because it's good but because it's such a standard Eurovision entry that are 13 in a dozen. Mger already caused minor stirr for his song being a bit too Queenish. Hayk goes Spanish but I'm not sure if that's the right way to go? 
Tamar is the desgined winner and her song indeed mixes Armenian elements with modern pop. It's catchy and all, but is it strong enough? We will see. Surprisingly I don't dislike any of the songs, they all have something more or less good going on (ok, well maybe Mger goes to the bottom of the list straight away).

Gevorg Harutyunyan - Stand Up
Angel - Heartbeat
Lusine Mardanyan - If You Don't Walk Me Home
Zhanna Davtyan - Unbreakable
Mger Armenia - Forever
Nemra - I'm a Liar
Hayk Kasparov - Enamórame
Tamar Kaprelian - Poison (Ari Ari)
Robert Koloyan - Get Away With Us
Gata Band - Shogha

Update: So Hayk is out (no wonder, it was so wrong in so many ways, shame) and so is Tamar. No wonder either; very weak vocally and that staging was just ... naive. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018


The reigning Eurovision champion starts its search for the follow up entry at home soil in Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest. tonight As usual, RTP invited composers to create a song, choose a singer and tonight half of them, 13, will perform and a jury will pick up seven for the final. Actually, RTP invited 22 composers, one was chosen by Eurovision winner Saldavor Sobral (Janeiro), one got the ticket by a contest organized by a radio station (Daniela Onis, in 2nd semi) and two were chosen among the open submissions: Rita Diaz and Peter Serrado (in 2nd semi)
The jury includes singers and composers, radio hosts and journalists and some familiar names: last year's winning entry's composer Luisa Sobral and Eurovision veteran Sara Tavares among others.
Among artists another Eurovision veterans, Anabela and Jose Cid.
Judging the snippets (click below) I'm most looking forward to Peu, Janeiro, JP, Catarina, Beatriz, Maria and Rita....

Peu Madureira – Só Por Ela (jury 10 + televote 12) 22
Anabela  – Para te Dar Abrigo (3 + 10) 13
Joana Barra Vaz  – Anda Estragar-me os Planos (7 + 1) 8
Janeiro – Oficialmente (sem título) (12 + 4) 16
Rui David – Sem Medo (2 + 7) 9
José Cid & Gonçalo Tavares – O Som da Guitarra é a Alma de Um Povo (1 + 6) 7
JP Simões – Alvoroço (6 + 0) 6
Catarina Miranda – Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso de Nada (8 + 8) 16
Joana Espadim – Zero a Zero (5 + 2) 7
Beatriz Pessoa  – Eu Te Amo (4 + 7) 11 correct 4+0=4
Bruno Vasconcelos  – Austrália (0 + 0) 0
Maria Amaral  – A Mesma Canção (0 + 0) 0 correct 0+7=7
Rita Dias – Com Gosto Amigo (0 + 3) 3

Update: Oops! A mistake was made when summing the votes. The 7 televoting points didn't go to Beatriz but Amaral. This means Pessoa is out, and Rui David in!


Lithuania has had its last heat and we have 12 names left only for next week's semifinal where again half the entries will be eliminated. Fan favorite Greta Zazza is sadly out...

Živilė Gedvilaitė - Melody (jury 1 + televote 1) 2
Audrius Petrauskas - In My Bones (7 + 0) 7
Agnė Michalenkovaitė - Going On (1 + 3) 4
Saulės kliošas - Įkvėpk ir nepaleisk (Man gaila) )10 + 6) 16
Greta Zazza - Broken Shadows (4 + 4) 8
Ruta Loop - Positive Thoughts (3 + 0) 3
Marija - This Love (0 + 12) 12
The Roop - Yes, I Do (6 + 10) 16
Elizabeth Olshey - Bejausmis (2 + 2) 4
Monika Marija - The Truth (10 + 7) 17
Gabrielius Vagelis - The Distant (5 + 5) 10
Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old (12 + 8) 20

Saturday, February 17, 2018


The only guy in the competition won ahead of the ladies. First round of voting kicked out both Nina and Ivana, and in the second one he won over Katarina (2nd) and Lorena (3rd). There was only televte tonight. Vanja (36) has written himself his entry Inje. hehas beeen around since 2004 and has participated in various festivals and has released a couple of albums so far.

1. Vanja Radovanović - Inje
2. Katarina Bogićević - Neželjena
3. Lorena Janković - Dušu mi daj
4. Nina Petković - Dišem
4. Ivana Popović Martinović - Poljupci

 Surprising televoting results, when Lorena won easily the first round, Vanja only third....


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