Saturday, February 28, 2015


Ucrainian Eduard Romanuyta has won the Moldovan national final with I want your love. He already took part in the Ucrainian national finals 2012 and 2013. He came second in the jury votes behind Valeria Pasa but ruled the televote. Below are the results (jury+televote). They once again didn't agree much, except for Eduard for some reason. Stela managed only 7th thanks to juries, while televoters runner up got a null points from the jury!

1. Eduard Romanyuta (10+12) 22
2. Valeria Pasa (12+4) 16
3. Sunstroke Project (6+8) 14
4. Miss M (8+3) 11
5. Serj Kuzenkoff (5+6) 11
6. DoReDos (0+10) 10
7. Stela Botan (1+7) 8
8. Diana Brescan (7+0) 7
9. Dana Marchitan (4+2) 6
10. Doinita Gherman (0+5) 5
11. Marcel Rosca (3+1) 4
12. Irina Kitoroaga (2+0) 2
13. Glam girls (0+0)
14. Julia Sandu (0+0) 0
15. Lidia Isac (0+0) 0
16. Mihaela Andrei (0+0) 0

Not everyone is happy about the results as accusations of corruption and vote rigging started the moment the results were out in the media, also from Eurovision veteran Pasha Parfeni who wrote DoReDos' song that won the second semifinal and now got a flat zero from the jury while being televoters second favorite. Sunstroke Project stormed out of the greenroom and ALL the other 15 artists boycotted the after party..... Oh drama!
His "funny" tribute (???) to Conchita Wurst isn't making this crap of a song any more likable.... On the contrary. 

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